Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Find Day Four!

Hey y'all! I am back for day four of my fabulous fall finds week! Today I decided to find something fun that the kids can do this weekend as a fun fall craft! I found many fun ideas but this one caught my eye and looked fun! My daughter is just now getting into that duct tape craft stage, so this will be super fun for both her and my son! I found this at:! I came across her blog and I was drawn to it! She is so easy going and honest, and with me being new to "blogging" I had to say she made it look so easy! She has so many fun and great ideas! Please be sure to check out her blog! Also click on the link to see how she made these glow in the dark trick or treat buckets! I will also add the pictures of my kids buckets sometime next week, after they "attempt" it themselves!

I also came across her Frankenstein Lights which I will be "trying" to do myself! How cute is this:
Amazing idea! You can check out how to make this at:
Also be sure to check out all her great ideas! And be sure to follow me on Pinterest for party, craft and yummy ideas! As always have a "Fabulous Fall" day! 

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