Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~Shop News!~

Hey y'all! I know it has been a few weeks since I have made a post! It has been crazy busy over here with the hubby getting surgery and me working on custom Birthday & Baby Shower favors I have just failed to get any post up! Some quick news! I have my website down while I work on some things! I am busy switching over my domain and I also am going to be working on a new logo and design! I have still been answering emails and placing orders so please feel free to email me if you need anything/have questions until I get it back up and running! I have also added a new partner, and together we will be adding lots of new goodies to the shop! I was out of stock on my "bling" or "glitzy" sticks for cake pops but I have re-stocked my sticks and colors! Those will be back up on the website as well! Any orders from 4/24-4/29 will be shipped out on May 2nd so please check emails for tracking numbers! I will keep updates coming as I know more!  Hope y'all are having a great day! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

~Happy....LATE Valentine's Day!~

Hey y'all! It has been a few day's since my last post so I thought I would update you real quick! I am super excited about some of the new items that have been added to the shop! If you have not checked them out please do so! I have some adorable new Mustache theme party favors and more to come! I know that I had shared with you the Valentine's gifts I had made for my kiddo's class party! My daughter found an adorable tag on Pinterest the other night and made me change up the tags I had made to these and we went with the whole "You Blow Me Away Valentine" and did little bubbles in bags and for the little kids we did small gum balls and for the bigger kids we did the large bubble gums! I actually think they turned out cute! You can find the free printable here:
be sure to check her whole blog out...she has an amazing blog with LOTS of fun ideas! 
With all of the snow we have been getting the kids have yet to be at school for a full week in a while! They even missed Valentine's Day so I am (fingers crossed!) hoping they have a full day tomorrow so they can have the class party and give outs! Be sure to check out The Girl Creative Also follow me on Pinterest here: for fun craft ideas, cute party ideas, and yummy recipes! You can also follow me on Instagram here: for new product updates and any other fun picture I may wanna share! As always have a great night!  

Friday, January 31, 2014

~Product Update!~

Hey y'all! Since today is Friday I thought I would let you know that I have updated the shop some this week! Yay! I had been getting some emails about the Cake Pop sticks I had posted the other day and decided to add them to the shop a little early! I still need to get the pictures up of the many colors but for now they are available to purchase through the shop so you do not need to contact me and then wait for an invoice! I also posted a coupon code good till Valentine's Day in the shop! Coupon MUST be used at check out! Be sure to head over to the shop to check out the new Glitzy sticks for those cake pops and also check out the many different colors of cake pop sticks that was added! 

Coupon Code: Valentine with any order over $25.00 to get 5% off!
How can you NOT find these milk bottles adorable?!?
Classic Heart's Cupcake Wrappers Now Available!

Glitzy Sticks For Cake Pops Now Available!

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Wishing you a happy and safe weekend!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

~Happy Tuesday!~

Hey y'all!  Hope you are having a good start to the week! It has been a tad on the chilly side here, (today is 16! Last night was 5!) which means I have been SUPER busy the last few day's! I will keep this post short and sweet! Here is a few new items in the shop this week! Be sure to head over to TheLittleGreenWagon to check out some of the new goodies! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram  for product updates, giveaways, fun crafts and yummy recipes! Coming later this week is homemade tissue garland, homemade cake pop stick bling, fun cupcake toppers and homemade banners! If you are interested now please shoot me a email at: and I can go over pricing with you! Stay warm and have a great night! 

All new Cake Pop Paper Straw Sticks!
Some cute new Boy's Printables!
Still to come this week: Chalkboard Tags, New Paper Straws, Cake Pop Sticks, Homemade Banners, Cupcake Toppers, Tissue Garlands and more!! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

~Love is in the Air!~

Hey y'all! Hope you are having a great week! Today I have been busy working on the kids Valentine's Day gifts for school! I thought I would show you a little sneak peek! I am still working on the labels (I am not a huge fan of this one but my daughter liked it!) Tomorrow I will be adding more fun invitations  and some really cute chalkboard labels to the shop! I got a really fun Tiffany theme party request, which was for some fun bling cupcake sticks which went out today! I am thinking about adding these to the shop! I had SO much fun making them! So here is a few pictures of my last few days! 
You can purchase the candy tubes here: TheLittleGreenWagon Update 1/25/2014 I have been getting a  lot of emails asking how much my cake pop sticks are! Please email me for information! I will be adding these to my website soon! If you would like a quote email me at!

Sorry for the bad lighting on the Valentine's picture! With all the gloomy weather here (under 20 degrees, snow and no sun!) it makes for some not so great photos! :-) I only have about 51 more candy tubes to make, no big deal! :) Good thing I got my Starbucks fix today! I also sent out over 50 of the cakepop sticks! Kinda proud I got them out on time since the kids had off the last few days of school and we have had friends over for playdates as well!! Go me! :) Be sure to check the shop out in the next few days for more invitations and the chalkboard labels! Please be sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest here: pinterest & instagram! As always have a wonderful day!