Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Find Day Five!

Hey y'all! Today is day five of my Fall Find week! Today we took the kids to the pumpkin patch, I know I know! It is a little early for pumpkins and I am sure they will not last till Halloween, but I was desperate to do something out side on this beautiful day and it seemed like a good idea at the time! Until it hit 85 degrees outside and I had two hot, tired kids carting 40 pounds in pumpkins around! So once we got in the car I told them we would head to the craft store to get some fresh paint and we would paint these pumpkins and then go back when we can actually enjoy a hayride! :) So as my kids got all the things they needed to paint the pumpkins (at the dining room table since it was so hot out for it being October!) I decided to google cute ways to paint pumpkins! I came across this great blog: waittilyourfathergetshome and I just HAD to share it! Here is the pumpkin painting idea that I first found!

So of course after I saw the painted pumpkins idea I just HAD to check out her other ideas! And I came across this Burlap Pumpkins! I am IN LOVE with this idea! So much in fact that I wish the local craft store was not closed all ready because I cannot wait to go tomorrow to get some burlap and some supplies to make these myself! 

After a few what I like to call "Pinterest Minute's" (pinterest minute = 45 real minutes) I came across this ADORABLE sign! 

Needless to say first thing tomorrow I will be making a second trip of my weekend to the craft store to pick up supplies to make these awesome ideas! Please be sure to check out waittilyourfathergetshome for MANY more great ideas! 

As always be sure to check me out on Pinterest for many cute, fun and yummy ideas! If you would like for TheLittleGreenWagon to feature one of your cute, fun or yummy ideas please E-mail me! Please note that I only post family friendly ideas on my site! Thank you! Have a great night y'all! 

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