Monday, September 23, 2013

A Little Bit Of Halloween Fun!

It is that time of year...all ready! I do not know about y'all but to me it seems like just yesterday was July! With that being said, today I have added some new Halloween theme party decorations! I have found some great Halloween/Black & Orange theme ideas so I thought I would share!

Candy Corn Cupcake wrappers! How adorable! 

 Find these and more at TheLittleGreenWagon

Halloween Trick Or Treat Wrappers! 

And my new favorite Halloween Argyle Wrappers! 

Add these to any dessert table with TheLittleGreenWagon's many Black & Orange goodies for a complete spooky-lish party display! 

As the leaves are going to start turning soon my Pinterest feed is slowly filling up with Fall Party Ideas. I found these AWESOME and ADORABLE Strawberry Ghost and wanted to share! I found these on: ...actually I found a TON of adorable and fun goodies so be sure to check it out! For the full recipe please check out her website!

Strawberry Ghosts

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for MANY party ideas and yummy recipe's! Be sure to check in tomorrow for more new items from TheLittleGreenWagon! As always have a great day y'all!! 

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