Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Find Day Two!

Hey y'all! I am SUPER excited about my "Fall Find" of the day! I have come across this awesome website Marty's Musings! Can you guess why this cute project caught my eye? 

I would say because it says y'all....but I also happen to be obsessed with pallet projects! Well to be honest I find them, pin them, then have my adorable hubby make it up for me! Wink wink! But back to the subject at hand! I fell in LOVE with this DIY project and if you go check out her website martysmusings I am sure you will not be disappointed! They have so many cute ideas and it really is a great site!

Next up is TheLittleGreenWagon's newest addition! Check out these cute DIY vintage style milk bottles with cork stoppers! 

Add some candy corn, orange m&m's and add some labels for a fun center piece at a Halloween Party! Be sure to check them out! Also follow me on Pinterest for fun party ideas, crafts, and yummy foods! As always have a wonderful day!

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