Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Find Fun Craft Time!

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! With the past few day's here being cold, rainy and gloomy (not to mention one sick momma over here) I decided to pull the kids craft bins out for this weekend and find some ideas for "fall theme" crafts to keep them busy while I rest up! I found a few cute ideas we are going to try this weekend and I thought I would share!

First up is the fun Scarecrow TP Roll craft! I found this over at! I all ready have all they need to make these for tonights craft so this will be our first one of the weekend! Here is a list of things you will need! TP roll, Popsicle stick, Muffin cup, Masking tape, Glue, Scissors, Markers! This will make for a cute little craft they can do while watching our Friday night movie! Please check out the link above for the full directions! 

Next up is an adorable Scarecrow craft that I again found over at I am really liking this website! They have so many great ideas for fun kids crafts and they also offer free printable's! I bookmarked this website for future crafts and ideas since my kids love to do crafts! 

BusyBeeKidsCrafts Dress Up Scarecrow! (Below)

Here is what you will need!

~Paper towel tube 

~Brown lunch bag
~Newspaper or scrap paper
~String or Twine
~Construction paper
~Popsicle sticks or Craft sticks
~Glue and tape
~Black maker

Be sure to check out BusyBeeKidsCrafts for more fun craft ideas and free printable's! 

Looking for more fun Craft ideas? Check out this wonderful site I came across that will ship you a crate of awesome crafts right to your door each month! 

Be sure to check out KiwiCrate for awesome kids crafts that are shipped right to your home!
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